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 [INF] Galactic HoloNet Information

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PostSubject: [INF] Galactic HoloNet Information   Sun May 24, 2015 11:02 am

Galactic HoloNet

Welcome Citizen

The Holographic Network is a galactic communications grid that is maintained by the Galactic Republic for free, for the benefit of all. In the HoloNet, you may communicate with others, browse the Network itself for posts, or even search for information. Don't worry, communications are completely secure through encryption, and that is assuming your connection is found out of trillions. Why not become another connection?

Posts are given suffixes for your ease of browsing:
[COM] - Communication, as in two (or more) people talking.
[INF] - Information, as in a detailed posting (usually a government) on a specific topic.
[OCC] - Occupation, as in a job posted by someone else.
[STO] - Store, as in a place to purchase or sell items or services.

Deep Core
Quelli Sector (Dathomir)
Unknown Regions
Wild Space
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[INF] Galactic HoloNet Information
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