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  • I. The official language of the forum is English. You're allowed to speak/use other languages, granted you provide a translation.
  • II. When you post, please make sure to follow the three Ps (Proper Post Placement). Post in the right forum.
  • III. Flaming, insulting, and excessive harassment will not be tolerated, the latter is illegal in some jurisdictions.
  • IV. Agitating/baiting people into unnecessary/destructive arguments will not be tolerated.
  • V. Unauthorized advertisement in any form will not be tolerated. We do plan on adding the ability to affiliate however.
  • VI. You can't give-away, share, or otherwise trade your account/character, it is yours forever.
  • VII. Your account name must be the same as your character's, you can only have one player-character per account.


  • I. You can only post with approved characters in the Universe forum.
  • II. There's no word-cap, and likewise no word-requirement, however we ask that you always post a paragraph minimum. A good guideline is to post as much as the person before you.
  • III. Don't edit your post after someone has replied, as it'll disrupt the thread by changing established material.
  • IV. Power-Playing, which is unreasonably controlling another character by force, will not be tolerated.
  • V. Power-Modding, which is making your own character unreasonably strong/tough, will not be tolerated.
  • VI. Meta-Gaming, which is making your character know out-of-game info or other info they can't possibly know about, will not be tolerated.
  • VII. Bigotry such as specieism and sexism exist in the galaxy, but don't go overboard, or else you'll breach "General Rule III".

However, keep in mind, the staff are allowed to make decisions as the situation warrants.
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Site Rules
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